I will be open and honest with you, I am not a professional photographer, in other words it is not my main source of income to keep food on the table and pay bills! I am a serious hobbyist who has been doing what I love with photography and it has rewarded me richly back. 


Now all that being said, I love to shoot, I love to meet people and help them fulfill their image dreams, If I am available I will photograph just about anything. I'm always asked how much will it cost? This depends, sometimes I will shoot for expenses only(this is a hobby on steroids concerning equipment costs), other time's for free if I'm excited by a project and or if I have not been very busy, because in the end creating is better than not creating and since I do not actively search out work, private shoots can occasionally be far and few between. 


So if your looking for a photographer, contact me and lets see what I can do for you.